About The Foundation

About the Creswick Foundation

The Creswick Foundation was established in 1952 to facilitate study by Australians into
emotional, social and psychological conditions affecting children and young people and to
give guidance to those involved in treating or preventing those conditions.

Fellowship Awards

Using income from investments to fund its activities, the Foundation has mainly achieved its
goals by awarding fellowships.

These enable practitioners in relevant fields to travel within Australia or overseas to expand their knowledge and experience. 

Generally, two or three fellowships are awarded each year in the range of $10,000 to $20,000 each.

Fellowships are undertaken at one or more approved centres for a period of up to three months.

The Foundation will pay the return economy air fare and overseas living expenses of the Fellow. A budget is submitted by the candidate to the Trustees and approved by them.

The Applicants

Applications are invited from teachers, nurses, social workers, allied health workers, psychiatrists and other professional persons or carers who are experienced in the Foundation's areas of interest.

Applications related to completing a post-graduate qualification are generally not considered.

Applicants typically reside in Australia. . 

What it means to be a fellow

It is expected that fellowship holders will apply their learning to their ongoing work and disseminate this knowledge as widely as possible after they return. The Trustees will require the successful candidate to furnish them with a report on their study visit shortly after returning to Australia.

In 2002, the Foundation, for the first time, awarded a fellowship to enable an overseas expert to come to Australia. The Trustees will consider the possibility of bringing people of knowledge, experience and expertise in the Foundation's areas of interest to Australia from overseas. Preliminary proposals, expected to be from institutions or organizations best able to maximise the value of such activity would be considered with interest.

**The Australian Taxation Office accords the Foundation income tax exempt charitable status.

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