Fellowship Applications

In a vast and growing field the range of subjects canvassed in proposals is potentially infinite. The needs of children and young people change as society, government policy and technology changes. As we learn more about the needs of these people so do the challenges and opportunities expand.

Areas of Interest Explored in Recent Successful Proposals

This list of proposals is not exhaustive, but deliberately indicative – any worthwhile proposal will be considered.
  • Attachment disorders
  • Children of drug affected parents
  • Early intervention strategies
  • Community based strategies for dealing with substance abuse
  • Selection and training of residential care staff
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Using e-technology therapeutically
  • Selection and training of foster parents
  • Childhood support delivery strategies
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Feeding disorders
The focus in proposals can be on cross-cultural issues affecting children and young people in the Australian context

Overseas Experts

Experts from overseas have provided valuable assistance in the design and measurement of the effectiveness of early intervention programs.

While conference participation can be a useful means of disseminating an overseas expert's knowledge, the Foundation likes programs of such visitors to extend beyond single conference appearances and to include such things as site visits to representative Australian facilities, participation in seminars, interaction with policy makers and so forth such that their knowledge is imparted at a range of levels.

How to Apply

Download the application form below.

You must mail 6 copies to the Creswick Foundation for distribution to the Trustees in advance of the shortlisting meeting.
This minimises processing difficulties and ensures that submitted material is relevant to the consideration of the application.

Download Application Form Application_Form.pdf (138.88 KB)

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